About company

Our International Motor Bureau did not come out of thin air. The foundation for the expert work was the well-known Moscow Company SMC “AB-Engineering” as well as the experience in the area of engine repairs, which started in 1990 and then eventually – without us even noticing – went into the research and development of modern technologies for repairing automobile engines. Since 2003 it has become necessary to conduct expert work, which led to the establishment of the Bureau of Motor Expertise SMC “AB-Engineering.”

Finally, after a good 14 years of work of the Bureau and the establishment of our own school of motor expertise, in 2018 we opened a branch of the Bureau in the Kiev region, which in fact determined the change of the status of our Bureau to international.
Currently our International Bureau has two main areas of work related to the maintenance and repair of internal combustion engines (ICE), which are helping customers choose the right equipment for repairs and examining engine malfunctions. With this in mind the equipment department as well as the expert department are set up running in the Bureau.

Our equipment

Our specialists began dealing with equipment in 2005, when a demand for re-equipment of workshops and repair shops with modern machine tools had been detected. By that time a considerable experience in machining of engine parts had already been accumulated, which allowed us to determine the basic requirements for machines used in various machining operations. This allowed us to conclude a number of contracts with the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers to promote their products at the local markets of many Eastern European countries.

From this point on, this work allowed us to create demonstration and production halls of equipment for engine repairs in Moscow and Odessa and to bring the applied processing technologies to the highest level of accuracy and reliability. At present we only offer the European-made machines that have been tested in our shops and which not only have the highest quality, but are also provided with our technical support, service, and the manufacturers’ warranty.

At present our International Bureau employs only the most qualified experts, who perform only unique and expensive work to investigate the causes of the most complicated and intricate faults of the ICE of all kinds and types. We have practically no equal in the field, since the attentive eye of our experts will certainly find not only the most insignificant facts but also those which perhaps someone wanted to keep hidden. Moreover, as of 2017 the Russian branch of the Bureau has become the only expert organization in Russia that has a certified expert in aviation technology on staff, which determines the prospects for the organization’s development for many years to come.

In order to help everyone who has encountered engine malfunctions and help them solve these problems we have collected a large amount of information: from articles and whole books through to describing the most complex faults and discussing them at the forum of mechanics-motorists. We hope that this information will be of use and will help quickly find and eliminate any faults in the ICE if necessary, however permanent and unrepairable they may seem.


03-04 сентября (четверг-пятница) 2020 г. в 10:00–14:00 под девизом «Учимся у легендарных экспертов» Палата судебных экспертов им. Ю.Г.Корухова проводит онлайн-семинар на электронной платформе ZOOM по теме «Распространенные ошибки при проведении автотехнических экспертиз». Семинар ведут известные эксперты к.т.н. А.Э.Хрулев (ДВС), В.Б.Дроздовский (АКП) и Е.А.Китайгородский (ДТП). На семинар приглашаются все желающие, будет обсуждаться широкий круг вопросов экспертизы технического состояния и неисправностей двигателей и автоматических трансмиссий, а также применения расчетных методов при расследовании обстоятельств ДТП. По двигателям к.т.н. А.Э.Хрулевым будет сделан доклад «Типичные неточности и ошибки в экспертной практике исследования неисправностей двигателей, их причины и последствия». Регистрация и запись для участия в семинаре – подробнее.

Открыта наша библиотека справочников и мануалов по неисправностям двигателей

В этой библиотеке мы постарались собрать все самые главные источники по неисправностям двигателей, которые известны и популярны у мотористов – это около 20 самых важных и интересных справочников по повреждениям и неисправностям узлов и деталей двигателей – поршней, колец, вкладышей, клапанов, прокладок, свечей, сцеплений и многого другого…